Problem 1050. -- Moving Tables

HDU_1050: Moving Tables

Time Limit: 1000 MS  Memory Limit: 32 MB   64bit IO Format: %I64d
Submitted: 8  Accepted: 8
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The famous ACM (Advanced Computer Maker) Company has rented a floor of a building whose shape is in the following figure.

For each room, at most one table will be either moved in or moved out. Now, the manager seeks out a method to minimize the time to move all the tables. Your job is to write a program to solve the manager’s problem.


The input consists of T test cases. The number of test cases ) (T is given in the first line of the input. Each test case begins with a line containing an integer N , 1<=N<=200 , that represents the number of tables to move. Each of the following N lines contains two positive integers s and t, representing that a table is to move from room number s to room number t (each room number appears at most once in the N lines). From the N+3-rd line, the remaining test cases are listed in the same manner as above.


The output should contain the minimum time in minutes to complete the moving, one per line.

Sample Input

10 20 
30 40 
50 60 
70 80 
1 3 
2 200 
10 100 
20 80 
30 50 

Sample Output


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